Manage your mind and body by managing your beautiful life.

It’s a known fact. Most people are not born naturally beautiful. It’s also a fact that the more time and money that you have to spend on yourself, the more beautiful you can be. Just look at Hollywood. I have put together 4 ideas that may help you to manage your life better. I hope it helps.

1. Better financial planning. The better you know and understand your financial situation, the more money you could have to spend on yourself. For instance, you could have the money to eat more healthily, to join a gym or exercise group, maybe even have a personal trainer. You could have more money to spend on your hair, beauty or complimentary treatments. You could afford to have a good skin and body care routine instead of “the old soap and sunscreen, when I remember routine.”

2. Make modern technology your new BFF. More effective use of your computer and the development of internet skills can give you more time for yourself and less time shouting at “Google” because you consistently seem to miss your turn-off on the internet highway. More time to yourself could be spent exercising, preparing healthy meals, meditating, taking care of your skin and having relaxing beauty treatments. There are also lots of web sites out there that can give you valuable information about health and skin care.

3. Get creative with your writing. When you feel good about yourself, it’s much easier to express your needs and feelings without the fear of rejection. It is said that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” If people can see that you feel positive, vibrant and healthy, they may be more willing to listen and positively respond to you. As creative writing is a great stepping stone in learning to express yourself, try a writing course, keep a diary or start your own private blog. The interaction of writing, health and self expression can only lead to a win-win situation.

4. For the love of art. When you know how to use and appreciate colour, shape and form, it can only increase your awareness of your own desires. Different colours can make you feel different emotions and being confident with  colour can make you bold enough to experiment with colour, shape and form on yourself. Art can help you to release the fear of going outside of the norm so that you could make your life a work of art to reflect your soul in everyday life, by using clothing, make-up and accessories. As with creative writing, self expression in the form of art can give you the confidence to express yourself to others. This can lead to a more confidant you and therefore increase your health and vitality. This sets in motion a very positive cycle for your life.