Why Waxing? Part 2

Waxing is one of the most popular treatments in my salon. Yesterday I explained how a waxing treatment is performed and why waxing is so beneficial to your time and pocket. Now I want to explain to you a little more about how it can save you valuable time and money.

The speed at which hair grows is dependent on a few different factors such as the time of year. Hair tends to grow a little more slowly in summer than in winter. This is because of the cold and the fact that there is not as much blood circulating around the skin. Blood contains the nutrients that feed the hair, so the colder your skin the slower the hair growth. Think of it like your hair growth being put on a little diet. The area and type of hair also grows at different speeds. For instance, the hair on the bottom half of the legs (the calves) tend to grow more quickly than the hair on the thighs. Lastly, some people’s hair just tends to grow more quickly or slowly than others. This could be due to race, family traits, hormones or just down to you being a complete individual. On average most people need to wax about once a month.

At Jasmine & Ginger you can expect to pay as little as R105,00 for a half leg wax, R175,00 for a full leg wax (I include the bikini line for free!) and R60,00 for an underarm wax. With the cost and time that it takes to use other forms of depilation, like shaving or using creams, waxing is really a very competitive option.

If you would like any further information about waxing or you just wish to pop in for a FREE patch test, to experience waxing, contact Carmelle on 082 2585811 or E-mail me on carmelle@jasmineginger.co.za.

In my final blog about waxing I will tell you all about who and the few exceptions on who shouldn’t have waxing as well as other great products that you can buy at Jasmine & Ginger to prolong the time between waxing treatments.