Why Waxing? Part 3

If you have read my previous two blogs about waxing, you will have realised that waxing is the way forward for most people. It saves you time and money in the long run and the results last far longer than any other form of depilation. Most people with unwanted hair can have waxing and it is a quick and relatively painless.

Waxing, however, is not really indicated if your skin is very thin or if you have a lot of varicose veins and broken capillaries. Never wax any area on your face if you have been on antibiotics, steroids or high dose vitamin A therapy (such as the type used to treat acne) for about 3-6 months after you have stopped using the medication. This is because certain medications tend to thin the skin and make it much more sensitive. If you are taking any medication, please tell the therapist before you have a waxing treatment.

At Jasmine & Ginger you can also purchase tweezers if you have an unwanted hair or two that you want to remove between treatments. I also have wonderful long lasting loofahs that can be used wet, in the bath or shower or dry for dry body brushing. Loofahs are great to prevent and remove ingrown hairs, if you have them and to remove all that dry and flaky skin from the body. Something we all tend to suffer more from in winter. I also have slow growth ampoules, which really do seem to slow down hair growth, with continued use. The ampoules also help to calm the skin after a waxing treatment and prevent the formation of ingrown hairs.

For more information on waxing please contact Carmelle on 082 2585811 or e-mail me at carmelle@jasmineginger.co.za. I would love to hear any questions or comments that you have about waxing.