Yes, everybody should have regular facials.

Everybody, from their early teens until old age should have regular facials and here is why.

A facial is a wonderfully relaxing, hands on, treatment. It can help to eliminate toxins and impurities from the skin, which helps to prevent and clear pimples and blackheads. A monthly facial also rejuvenates the skin and gives it a healthy glow, which can help you to look and feel years younger.

During a facial, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated, under a facial steamer. This removes excess dirt, oil and dead, dried out, skin cells. The facial steamer is used during the cleansing phase of a facial to soften and warm the skin. The effect of this is that firstly, it helps me to remove blockages such as blackheads (comedomes) and pimples (pustules) more easily. This will greatly reduce any discomfort to you and minimise any skin reactions to the process. Secondly, because the facial steamer warms the skin, it causes an increase in the blood circulation to the area, which can in itself have an anti-aging effect. Once the cleansing phase of the facial is complete I will apply an ampoule to your face and neck, according to your skin type and massage it in. The ampoule is used to enhance the effects of the facial and deeply nourish the skin. Next I mix a special blend of aromatherapy oils, also according to your preferences and skin type and massage this delicious smelling blend into the face, neck and shoulders for a soothing and relaxing 20 minutes. After that the skin is blotted, with tissue paper, to remove any excess massage oil. Generally, there will be hardly anything to blot, as your skin will have absorbed most of the massage oil. Next I will apply a mask to your skin and cover your eyes with eye pads, soaked in a soothing lotion. While the mask is on, you can completely relax as I give you a luxurious foot massage. The mask is then removed and a refreshing toner, anti-wrinkle eye cream and the appropriate mosturiser is gently applied to your perfectly clean and calm skin.

To book your relaxing facial, call, sms, bbm or whatsapp Carmelle on 082 2585811 or e-mail

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